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Advert #340 still retains its original registration date of 2015, making it 2 years old; an exceptional advantage for SEO purposes, once developed. One of the most commonly used dictionary words, returns 5 million Google results and receives more than 10,000 unique monthly visitors, consistently. Along with the domain, I’m including a professionally created logo, to get the new owner started right away. has received a considerable amount of inquiries over the years, particularly in the past decade. There have been no trademark issues to this day, and the domain is ripe for development as a full scale brand or service. More than 10,000 visitors every month indicate strong, recurring traffic. There are hundreds of active backlinks on Google. During the most active months, parking generated good revenue All these metrics indicate that in today’s strong domain market, the established value would be at least $2,500 dollars.  

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Monthly Google Search 5,000,000
Creation Date Domain 2015